How to order a custom piece? What to expect?




Whether it is a door, sofa, chandelier, shutter, pergola, or other custom item to beautify your space, the process would be the same. Feel free to call us and we’ll gladly assist you over the phone at 657-254-1305.


1. DIMENSIONS. Provide us with the dimensions: overall width, depth and height. If you have questions on how to measure you can ask us, or even better, your contractor/designer can measure for you.


2. DESIGN. Select a design. You can choose one from our website or you can send us your own: a picture, a drawing, or even a sketch.


3. FINISH SELECTION. If you have a color, texture, material or look in mind this is where that is taken care of.


4. QUOTE. Get a quote from us which will be valid for 15 days or, you can choose one from our ‘TOP SELLERS’.


5. DEPOSIT. To start all orders there is a 50% deposit requirement. After deposit is placed in 2-4 business days you will get a detailed drawing with all the details of your item.


6. SAMPLES. Receive samples of color, finish, and glass if needed, and inform us of your selections.


7. DESIGN CONFIRMATION. After carefully reviewing the drawing of your item, sign, date and return it with your confirmed measurements, specs, desired design and special instructions.


  • A) Carefully check all details and request changes to design if desired. Additional corrections after 1 round will cost you 12 dollars per round.
  • B) All changes subject to additional charges and increase on original lead time.


8. LEAD TIME. Please inquire as every particular item has a different turnaround. Turnaround time starts as of date of confirmation of design and finish selection. Also if there are any customer’s own material to be provided (such as but not limited to: fabric, hardware, locks, glass, etc) it must be received in order to commence production. Handling and shipping/transit time not included in our turnaround time. Lead time is only an estimate and VRDE Studio cannot be held responsible for manufacturer delays or changes in shipping dates and shall not be liable for any costs related to late deliveries.


9. BEHIND THE SCENES PICTURES. Obtain progress pictures during the process of manufacture on MOST of your custom items. There are a few items that don’t include process pictures but only final quality pictures, please inquire if you have questions.


10. CHANGES ONCE IN PRODUCTION. If a change is requested once the work order has been confirmed there will be a 250 change order fee. We might or might not be able to accommodate all changes once an item has started production process.


11. FINAL PAYMENT. Once your order is in final quality control, we will send you final pictures, request the remaining balance, and get ready to ship.


12. SHIPMENT. The order leaves the factory upon 100% of paid balance and is on transit to our warehouse in San Diego, CA. Once the item is dropped off at the carrier of our selection, you will receive a tracking number and estimated time of arrival of your pallet.


13. UNLOADING. Due to the weight and size of these shipments, it will be the sole responsibility of the customer/ consignee to unload the merchandise off of the truck and move the pallet to its storage or installation place. The pallet size prevents the truck’s lift gate from being used. All items are delivered curbside delivery, except for smaller pieces which a person can deliver by hand such as handbags, or locks, etc. You must either:


  • A) Have a fork-lift or front end loader or
  • B) Have a team of 3-5people to unload or
  • C) Have your shipment delivered to a business or
  • D) Pick up from your nearest terminal


14. INSTALLATION. We don’t install, however installation manuals will be provided for most of our items. Please don’t schedule installation dates until you have received your items.


15. DISCLAIMERS. We will not accept any liability for missed deadlines or building code non-compliance due to conditions beyond our control such as, but not limited to: timely issuance of payments, decisions, approvals or modifications, by you, the client, or any individuals representing you, to previous specifications or instructions. Client/purchaser is responsible for checking local building codes and verify that your custom item will comply and fit the space appropriately. All items manufactured according to provided specifications. Work order drawing to be signed as approval from client prior to sending into production. All items are custom made. Since every project is hand-made, all confirmed designs may suffer slight variations in shape and size once manufactured however, their quality and integrity will never be compromised.